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The Honu Collection

A Houi ho

This is a special work that tells the story of how we can connect with each other in a deeper way through words because in 2020 we are deeply missing intimacy with out friends and loved ones.

A houi ho means " Until we see each other next, take good care."

To me this is such a powerful message, because in these tough times self care is the most loving thing you can do for yourself and honestly for the planet too. I speaks of a time of reconnecting in the future a time we are all desperately wanting....but it is not here now. We are in here now, and while we are here, be sure to listen and nurture yourself with compassion.

There are so many layers to this message,what appears at first to be on the surface actually has so much depth, wisdom and clarity about how we can all survive this trying time and be the best version of ourselves when we emerge.

The stones I chose for this piece are Morganite (compassion) Tanzanite (communication) and Chalcedony (nurturing)



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