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Custom order for Robin
Custom order for Robin

Custom order for Robin

The Honu Collection

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Aloha Robin,

It was such a joy working with you this week! I will be forever grateful for how much you have added to my life. 

I had always loved that Honu, and I debated keeping her because I knew that I would never get those colors again. 

When I create new glass colors I'm very meticulous and I take pages of notes and getting the formula right can be so tricky. It's a dance between temperatures timing and skill.... And there's so many variables that it's very hard to recreate something that I don't have notes on.

But your passion and enthusiasm to have more pieces inspired me to spend 3 days in the studio trying to figure it out. And I'm so very glad that I did!

I like her so much that I've decided to add her to My collection as a specialty collection and I've given her a name, Wahi La'a.

The word in Hawaiian means sacred place. There is a very special place called the Queen's Bath in the Big Island and it's literally a hot spring right on the ocean!

This place was very sacred to the native Hawaiians and when I was invited to go it was very sacred to me as well.

I'm going to be introducing her in the coming weeks to the rest of the world because of you.

Thank you so much for inspiring me to be a better artist than I thought I was....

Hugs and honus,

Amy Wakingwolf 


One pair gold VM kahola earrings 270.00

One gold VM double banded ring 174.00

One London blue topaz bracelet 311.00