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"Peaceful Transitions" Hand Blown Glass Jewelry Made With Ashes of Loved Ones

~Sea turtle medicine represents a peaceful transition from one chapter of your life to the next chapter.~

When someone you love passes, you feel everything in waves. Waves of grief, waves of anger, waves of confusion, waves of fear, and waves of pain. The seas are incredibly stormy at first, and you feel tossed around and wrung out. Slowly they get calmer, although the waves never stop coming completely, in some ways you would never want them to.

So, how does one navigate through? Amy Wakingwolf has an answer after grieving the loss of her best friend and soulmate from Covid-19.

Amy is a glass artist, healer and ocean activist whose work has focused solely on sea turtles for the last 20 years. Her work elevates sea turtles in a way that she feels is befitting of them, capturing the ethereal ocean inside their shell which is then nestled in a precious metal body of gold or silver.


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This is where her own healing began. Knowing she had to find a way to ride the waves, she turned to her teachers, the ocean's sea turtles, to show her how.

"Sea turtles get tumbled by waves just like humans but they relax and go with it,” she mused. “Sometimes I would just float with them for hours, snorkel mask blurry with tears, and they were like angels swimming in grace and helping me to heal.”

"Around this time, I was asked by one my collectors if could I add their mother’s cremains to a Honu. I said I would try, so I developed a process that is deeply respectful and to my surprise it turned out I loved doing them! I felt as though somehow the two parts of myself celebrated each other, the healer honored the artist and the artist celebrated the healer," she said. 

"I named them Loli malu, it means “peaceful transition” because that is the part of the sea turtle medicine that speaks the most to my heart. I understand how much it means to have the person that you love feel like they are around us still. To have something to touch, to hold tightly and even kiss, is just very comforting and it helped me learn to transition more peacefully through my own healing journey.”

Her one-of-a-kind honus, each one is stamped with a unique number, are celebrations of a a life that loved the sea. No other animal so perfectly exemplifies the ocean like sea turtles. Sea turtle energy is so graceful or powerful, and they remind us to breathe and look around. To Amy, they look like underwater angels, especially when beams of sunlight dance on their shell.

Amy’s glass sea turtles (honus) celebrate art, love, light, life and the ocean. She creates all of her honus with the intention that they are tools of healing, self-love and personal transformation. They are a perfect way to keep loved ones close in a way that is sacred but not too serious or sad, because after all our they were so alive and free when they shared their time on earth with us, so of course that is how we want to remember them.

"Making sure this process of creating Peaceful Transitions is sacred from start to finish, is important to me. I find myself chatting and sometimes laughing with the persons spirit as I work, and that is why when there any extra cremains I bring them to my secret spot, where they can be released into the sea and have sea turtle guardians swimming above them always,” she said. 

Loli malus are predominantly available in her “Mahalo” signature series (Aqua). Mahalo meaning the deepest respect and gratitude. Gratitude, she finds, leads us our pathway to our own healing. By being grateful and remembering all the wonderful stories of our loved ones, each piece becomes something to share with family, to talk story, laugh with joy, and swim in the memories.

Each Loli Malu Honu will have a sprinkling of ashes inside the glass shell, swirled with that person's energy and beauty. This is a call to love to heal, and move gracefully into a Peaceful Transition.

The process is kept simple for your convenience. All you need to do is send some cremated ashes to The Honu Collection! It's best to go on for a “snuff” bottle with a small spoon, and singular pieces will be created. Each Peaceful Transition piece comes with a special jewelry box, and yes, pets are welcomed - they are our soulmates, too!

 For More Information On How to Order Please Contact Amy Wakingwolf At The Honu Collection

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