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A Piece of the Sea

The energy and swirling colours of the ocean captured in glass.

Handcrafted in Maui

Each unique piece is made by hand in our Maui jungle studio.

sculpted in fire

FIre sculpted fine jewelry for sea turtle lovers.

Protecting Honu

Part of each sale is donated directly to protect Maui’s sea turtles.

Healing Intentions Captured in Six Signature Colour Stories



A reminder you're worthy of admiration on life's journey, however many times you fall.



A reminder to let your intuition be your guide as you navigate life and forge your own path.



A symbol of the deepest respect and gratitude for everything the world has gifted to you.



A journey into the unexplored riches of your imagination and creativity.



A reminder to cherish and nurture yourself, your loved ones, and this planet we call home.



A token of love and a celebration of the special sweetheart that makes your soul shine.

Turtles Are The Angels of The Sea

Turtles, some of the oldest inhabitants of the sea, have powerful lessons to teach us about endurance, tranquility and trust. The Honu Collection was created to help everyone connect to the healing energy and quiet wisdom of these incredible creatures.

The Honu Collection
Peaceful Transitions Pieces

By capturing cremains in a Honu’s glass shell, we create these very special pieces to help people stay connected to lost loved ones, letting the wearer keep precious shared memories and lessons close to their heart as they continue on life’s journey.

Unique Handcrafted Pieces

Created Especially For You

The Honu Collection
Help Hawaii’s Honu

Hawaii’s sea turtles are under serious threat from plastic, tourism and loss of nesting beaches.

That’s why when you order your honu, a portion of the price is donated directly to Wild Hawaii, supporting them in their incredible efforts to care for turtles.

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