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Where are they made?

All of my work is, hand-blown, and hand-crafted in a Maui jungle studio.


How are the turtles made? 

First I carve the design in wax, then I tweak it, and tweak it and tweak it…lots of tweaking… then it is cast in 9.25 sterling silver, and then we apply a 5 micron thick layer of gold that we guarantee will never come off. Next we “blow” the glass. Its called glass blowing although we don’t use breath, what we do is fuse and layer precious metals and minerals into the glass, shape it, cool it and then we pair the Honu body with the Honu shell with a jeweler cement which I guarantee for life.


What is a “layer” of gold?

A layer of gold is thin coating of gold, we guarantee our gold layer for the lifetime of your Honu.


What all does guarantee entail?

Simple, we, well really its just me, offer a lifetime guarantee on everything, always.



How do you adopt a hatchling?

I would LOVE to have a bathtub full of babies, but we are not allowed! So we "adopt nests" from nonprofits. The one I spend the most time with is Hawaii Wildlife Fund Offer? (amazing folks) they sea turtle, dolphin, monk seal and whale adoptions so it is really a great way to donate and help the folks that help that help turtles.


How do you do turtle rescue?

I volunteer 7 days a week on turtle beach from 6:30 am till one o’clock keeping well-meaning but clumsy tourists from scaring the turtles and stressing their immune system, we also track their population through data collection, do nest watching for hatchlings,  and sadly we also have to free them from fishing line and nets at least once a week.


Who is the Honu Collection team?

Mostly, moms that want to stay at home with the kids, making everything with me from jewelry making to repping the line


What are the findings made of?

Findings are mostly, 14k gold filled and 14k gold vermeil (gold over silver)


Do you do custom orders?

If you want silver or solid 14 or S.S. just ask. At the time of this writing, the solid gold Honus are 995.00 each. And please note: This process will take several weeks.


When will my order ship?

Most everything ships out within 1-3 business days of order. 


What is a shaman?

The way I see it is that Shamans walk in both the spiritual and physical world. My journey as a Shaman involved learning the medicines of the plants, animals, and stones. It is my belief that in the same way plants are here to heal our physical bodies, gemstones having healing to offer our spirit bodies. I get asked if I believe in doctors, of course, I do, I am grateful that doctors treat disease, but the disease has its roots in dis-ease, and that is why in my opinion the world needs both.


What is the best way to follow you?

For the total no-brainer you don’t have to do anything, ever, I would suggest my Email list!!!


My other favorite way to get updates on new jewelry designs, sales and turtles is to join us on FB and Instagram Turtle Lovers Maui, If you want to start your day with uplifting sea turtle pictures and stories…its really fun place of turtle lovers…and it is where you will see new work, and follow my sea turtle rescue adventures and meet more of your crazy turtle loving tribe!


I have begun a series on Youtube called “Collector’s Corner”, as a way to share my work as I continue to create and evolve new color stories and healing messages.

Join me there too: YouTube/Amy Wakingwolf