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The Honu Collection

Hana Adjustable Slide Up Bracelet

 Hana: Creativity

  • Meaning: You have all your own answers but often they only come when you think out of the box.
  • Hana's color palette are the colors of the ocean at night. Bioluminescence makes the darkest corners of the sea light up with a brilliant, unexpected light show     every night. Shimmering neon pinks and electric blues light up the darkness.
  • The gemstone I chose is of course Black spinel. A stone of intuition and of possibilities. A stone that reminds you that anything is indeed possible.      
  • This bracelet comes in silver and 14vm gold.
  • Yours will be your own, unique to you. Made for you and only you. Each one is handmade and will look a little different then the photo, if you would like an exact one please feel free to follow me on Insta or FB to see my most recent work:)


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