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Beautiful Jewelry Created With Purpose

Crafted With Fire & Charged With Healing Energy Crafted In Fire

Hi, I’m Amy Wakingwolf - artist, shaman and ocean activist. I created The Honu Collection to connect people just like you to the healing power of the ocean whilst helping to protect Hawaii’s precious honu.

The Honu Collection
A Meeting Of The Elements

I’ve always been mesmerized by the way fire transforms glass, but it wasn’t until I became a shaman that I recognised glass’s incredible potential for healing.

My other great love was water and as a longtime volunteer and activist, I’m committed to protecting Hawaii’s oceans - especially its sea turtles. When these passions aligned, The Honu Collection was born, merging fire, water, and nature’s power to heal in beautiful bespoke jewelry pieces.

The Honu Collection
An Enduring Connection To The Sea

When I’m not volunteering on the beach or exploring under the waves...

You’ll find me in my jungle studio crafting pieces and experimenting with new ways of capturing the colours and healing lessons of the ocean. I’m so happy that, through my jewelry, I’m able to connect people to the revitalising energy and precious memories of the sea - all while protecting Hawaii’s precious honu, who have offered me transformational healing lessons about gratitude, trust, creativity and love.

An Evolving Collection Of Unique Works Of Art

Because they’re handcrafted to order, each honu shell is slightly different with its own pattern of colours, bubbles and islands. To honour your piece as a unique work of art, each one is engraved with the artist’s signature and a unique number. To connect with my international ohana (family) of honu collectors, I started a YouTube series, ‘Collector’s Corner’, where you can follow my new work as an artist and activist and be the first to know about new colour stories and designs.

I really love doing special orders...

Bespoke Jewelry Made With You In Mind

Over the years, my clients have celebrated graduations, marriages, new children and new careers with Honus from my collection. They’ve even mourned lost loved ones on their healing journey with my Peaceful Transitions pieces. Every order is custom made with a special meaning behind it. What that meaning is, is up to you.

Connect To The Healing Energy of The Ocean

With Special Sea Turtle Jewelry

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