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The Honu Collection

Kalele on 18" Chain

Kalele: Trust 

  • You are here for a reason, you have value, and your story is important. Of course, your story has villains, sorrows, and hardships, after all, what truly great superhero story doesn’t?
  • Kalele’s color spectrum is the sparkling sea greens and little islands, of blue and green.
  • The gemstone energetic pairing I chose is green apatite for its uplifting energy that brings vitality and freshness after long adversity, or emotional pain.
  • Your Kalele will be your own, unique to you. Made for you and only you. Each one is handmade and will look a little different then the photo, if you would like an exact one please feel free to follow me on Insta or FB to see the most recent work :)

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