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The Honu Collection

Malama on 18" Chain

Malama: To care for

  • Meaning: Malama reminds us to cherish, protect, tend and care for. Malama reminds us to protect what we love, ourselves, our loved ones and our world.
  • Malama's color palette is a rich lavender to plum spectrum, with shimmering islands of blue green and amber.
  • I chose two gemstone pairings for Malama. They are amethyst because protecting what we love requires focus, and spiritual balance and tundra sapphire for the energy of creativity and wisdom.
  • VM stands for vermeil it is a French word representing the technique of bonding a layer of 14-karat gold to a core of sterling silver. 
  • Yours will be your own, unique to you. Made for you and only you. Each one is handmade and will look a little different from the photo. If you would like an exact one please feel free to follow me on insta or FB to see my most recent creations.





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