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The Honu Collection

Peaceful Transitions: Loli Malu

"Sea turtle medicine represents a peaceful transition from one chapter of your life to the next chapter of your life."

Over the years my clients have celebrated graduations, marriages, new children and new careers with Honus from my collection.

Recently I have asked to make "transition pieces". This is a piece that I make with cremains of a loved one. I really love making these pieces, as a shaman, I feel so honored to be part of someones sacred healing journey, and I have found that having a way to touch and hold something physical is very helpful in keeping the person or animal close to you.

I'm calling these works "Peaceful Transitions" because not only is the person who passed transitioning into their next chapter but those that are left behind are also transitioning, and that can be challenging, and so anything that I can do to make that more peaceful I'm going to.

I lost my partner and soulmate from the virus and I understand how much it means to have the person that you love feel like they are around you always.

I am offering them in Mahalo, (aqua) because Mahalo means "Deepest respect and gratitude" and I have personally found that my pathway to healing my broken heart Is by being grateful and remembering all the wonderful stories and lessons that were left behind.

If you would like to have your own Peaceful Transition, the process would be to send a small amount of the cremains in a little vial or box to The Honu Collection 1585 Olinda rd Makawao Hawaii 96768

Also if you want a different color or size or even style ie: bracelet or ring, please contact me right here on the chat.

If you dont have a little box or little jar I found this little jar on amazon, and its just perfect because it comes with a tiny scoop and funnel:  https://www.amazon.com/iSnuff-Bottle-Strong-Pocket-Funnel/dp/B06XWWDMHC/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=glass+spoon+and+jar+snuff&qid=1620439218&sr=8-2



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