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Learning To Live With Loss Is One of The Hardest Things We Do As Human Beings

When we lose someone we love, it’s comforting to think of them - and the precious moments, stories and lessons we shared - as being with us as we continue on life’s journey. It can make our healing journey that little less challenging.

My life was changed forever when I lost my partner and soulmate to the virus. I began to understand just how much it means to feel like that special someone is around you, always.

Maybe you’re going through something similar. If you’ve lost somebody or a pet close to you, you know there are few things in life that affect us like grief. But there are ways to stay intimately connected to the people we care about - even after they’re gone

Gently Place Them Into a Work of Art That You Wear Right Next To Your Heart, Forever

Personally, I have never felt that ashes in an urn inspire joy.

It seems so final, so devoid of light - and it's not how I remember them being when they were alive. They were so bubbly and free when they shared their time with me - and it’s those memories I probably want to keep more than anything else.

Maybe, like me, you want to remember them for how they lived, swimming freely through the waves of life with the light dancing on their backs. Maybe you want to keep them close to your heart everyday and have something to hold, squeeze and kiss if you feel you need to.

These Stunning, Meaningful Pieces Keep Your Loved Ones Close by Forever & Help You Embrace Your Healing Journey

Maybe you feel, like so many of us, that being able to touch something physical is very helpful in keeping lost loved ones - be they people or animals - close to you.

In Native American culture, sea turtles represent the peaceful transition from one chapter of your life to the next. In your darkest hours, they are seen as a beacon of hope, guiding you through life’s journey and helping you find calm in the chaos.

That’s why I created Loli Malu, The Peaceful Transitions Collection.

If you or your loved one shared a deep connection with the ocean, ‘sea turtle medicine’ can help you memorialize them in such a joyful, beautiful and peaceful way. These pieces are carefully handcrafted with healing energy and intentions - and are a way to stay deeply connected with your loved one.

My soulmate Micheal was a water-man, He loved surfing, fishing, boating, swimming and all things ocean. I honor him every day as the glass sparkles and twinkles, moving in the light just like his joyous spirit still does inside my heart.

I have chosen Mahalo (aqua), the word means “deepest respect and gratitude”, to create a sacred connection that you can carry with you at all times and be grateful for the memories you have. I have found that being grateful has helped me heal a lot.

Grieving is a personal process, and there’s no right way to do it. Nothing will make it any faster or easier - but there are ways to find some comfort when you need it most. Receive a bespoke, gorgeous Honu specially made by Amy - and continue your healing journey knowing that your special someone is never far from your heart.

We Create & Sustain Meaningful Connections After Loss

Just Like This...

When my mom passed away earlier this year and dad wanted us to get some jewelry made with her ashes, I immediately thought of Amy.

Mom always had a passion for animals, and she was amazed by the turtles in Maui. I even have a video of her excitedly watching the turtles via FaceTime. I treasure this Honu and love how beautiful it turned out. I love that mine is connected to my mom for always ❤

Amanda Lis, Honu Customer

With Amy’s Help, You Can Cherish Your Loved Ones & Start Your New Chapter...

Hello everyone. I’m Amy Wakingwolf, shaman and head craftsperson at The Honu Collection. As a glass artist, ocean activist and healer.

I’m a dedicated sea turtle advocate and volunteer - when I’m not in my jungle studio creating glass-blown art, you’ll find me on the beach cleaning up plastic, monitoring basking turtles and watching their nests.

Over the years, people have celebrated graduations, marriages, new children and new careers with pieces from my collections. How ever i think my work takes on a deeper meaning when some one trusts me to support them in their grieving.

Maui’s Honu have offered me transformational healing lessons about gratitude, trust, creativity and love. Now, I capture these messages in bespoke pieces that help others remember and connect to their lost loved ones.

People Everywhere Trust & Believe In The Honu Collection

Here’s Why...

We Offer A Window To The Sea

What does the ocean mean to you? Whether it’s peace and reflection or adventure and exploration, the sea is truly a magical place. Each glass shell in the Honu Collection captures the energy and swirling colors of the ocean, letting you carry a little piece of it with you - even when you’re far from the shore.

Products Are Uniquely Handcrafted in Maui

All Honu Collection pieces are made by hand in Amy’s Maui jungle studio. This means that each shell is different, made specially for you with a unique pattern of bubbles, islands and colours. Every turtle shell is signed and engraved with its own number, making your jewelry a collector’s piece and a unique work of art.

We Work To Protect Hawaii’s Honu

Honu, the green turtles that call Hawaii’s ocean home, are a threatened species in need of protection. That’s why a percentage of each sale is donated directly to Wild Hawaii, a charity that tirelessly cares for Maui’s turtles. When you wear your honu, you show support and start conversations about these incredible creatures.

Create Your Own Unique Peaceful Transition

With Special Sea Turtle Jewelry

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